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The Weakley County Youth Coalition is an extension of the Weakley County Prevention Coalition. The Youth Coalition is comprised of teens from several local high schools. The goal of this group is to provide peer to peer education to the youth throughout the county on the adverse effects of prescription drug abuse and misuse, alcohol, and tobacco use among teens.


Youth Coalition at TN Teen Institute

Youth coalition members at Tennessee Teen Institute (TTI). TTI aids students in a great deal of knowledge on harmful drugs, alcohol, safe driving, mental health, and other important issues impacting the lives of teens across the country. Students create action plans to implement in their communities. These action plans give the youth coalition guidance and goals to meet each academic year.





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Youth Coalition at
TN Strong Conference

Pictured here are our youth coalition members in Jackson, TN at the first annual TN Strong Conference for West Tennessee. Students attended the conference to gain knowledge on tobacco policies and statistics. While learning important information at the conference, students also gained insight on how to implement useful tobacco programs within their community.

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Our youth Events

Youth Coalition
Health Fair

Youth coalition members at the annual Youth Coalition Health Fair. This health fair’s mission is to educate 8th grade students throughout Weakley County. It is planned and implemented by the youth.

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