What is Prevention?

What is Prevention?

“Your environment plays an important role in prevention. Communities play a key role in protecting adolescents from early substance use. Prevention efforts can be implemented by building coalitions and comprehensive strategies to reduce risk factors for substance use and addiction.”

– Addiction Policy Forum

What is the Strategic
Prevention Framework?

SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is a planning process for preventing substance use and misuse. The five steps and two guiding principles of the SPF offer prevention professionals a comprehensive process for addressing the substance misuse and related behavioral health problems facing their communities. The effectiveness of the SPF begins with a clear understanding of community needs and involves community members in all stages of the planning process.

The SPF also includes two guiding principles:

  • Cultural competence: The ability to interact effectively with members of diverse population

  • Sustainability: The process of achieving and maintaining long-term results Source: SAMHSA

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 What is the Strategic Prevention Framework Guide?

Step 1: Assess Needs

What is the problem, and how can I learn more?

Step 2: Build Capacity

What do I have to
work with?

Step 3: Plan

What should I do and how should I do it?

Step 4: Implement

How can I put my plan
into action?

Step 5: Evaluate

Is my plan succeeding?